Du-yu Nie, M.D., Ph.D.


Axonal guidance and neuronal connectivity in TSC and Autism

Nancy Lurie Marks Clinical and Research Fellowship Program in Autism

Shafali Jeste, M.D.


Early Detection of autism in children with TSC

Assistant Professor UCLA – Dept. of Psychiatry

Jia Huang, Ph.D.


Explore the role of SMN in mRNA transport and local translation

Vice President, Product Development Genee Group

Bikem Akten, Ph.D.


The role of SMN axons

Hearst Foundation grant

Min Jeong Kye, Ph.D.


The role of SMN in axons

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center Pilot Project Grant

Rodica Popa, M.D.


16p11.2 genes and neuronal development

Clinical Fellow in Neonatology University of Illinois

Peter Tsai, M.D., Ph.D.

2007-2010 Neurology Residency;

2010-2011 Behavioral Neurology Fellowship

Role of TSC in the Cerebellum

American Academy of Neurology fellowship


Emily Niederst, Ph.D.


Localization and processing of the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) in mouse and human neurons

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ebru Ercan, Ph.D.


Roles of neuronal TSC in oligodendrocyte development/ small molecule screen to reverse multiple axon phenotype in TSC

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mary Wertz, Ph.D.


microRNA Expression in SMA

Predoctoral Research Fellow